Hello and welcome to Little Acorn Events.

We are so excited and honored to take part in your wedding adventure and aid in creating the wedding experience you’re dreaming of. Our goal here at Little Acorn Events is to cultivate a wedding day that’s stress free, seamless and magical for each unique couple that comes our way. To achieve that result we have crafted a few LAE Signatures we build in to each timeline with you in mind.

While we understand and hold your interest in a fun experience for your guests, we also like to focus on those little moments just for you to allow you a few small chances to indulge and truly enjoy your big day. By passing the baton to us – whether in the planning process or solely on your big day – you won’t regret including us and our LAE Signature moments.

Here at LAE we have two major signatures added in to each wedding to curate moments just for the newly married couple to really catch their breath and fully experience their big day. Throughout the big day its hard to find small moments to just enjoy being together and soak in the beautiful and enormous step you just took together. We aim to find time to create those moments and offer solace in the chaos. A chance to breathe, eat and enjoy yourselves.

A Private Toast

Our first LAE Signature is a private toast following the ceremony. A quiet moment to allow our couple to soak in the ceremony and enjoy being together before being bombarded by the rest of the festivities and guests. In our private toasts we are always sure to find the perfect space tucked away from the noise with a few snacks and their choice of beverage toast. Don’t worry, your guests will always be well taken care of while you collect yourselves and relax a little

Moonlight Dance

Our second and favorite of the LAE signatures is a moonlight dance. This can look a little different depending on the exit you choose for the end of your reception. Those looking for a big exit for photos and aesthetic will find a private moonlight dance while we prepare that exit for you. This makes for gorgeous photos and a sweet moment together to really revel in the fun, love and chaos from the day.

Those who do not opt for a big grand exit, we always recommend a big farewell dance with their guests instead. This is such a fun way to end the night. A great close out song for the guests to make a circle around our lovely couple to surround them with so much love for their final dance.

The goal for any wedding we plan or coordinate is to offer special moments built in to really serve our couple. Your big day can feel like a whirlwind of feelings and people; while there is so much love in that whirlwind, we found that every couple felt that they wished they had a chance to catch their breath to really enjoy and be present in their big day. That is what these signatures are built to do.

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