thoughtfully curated ~ intentionally detailed

Hey lovely! It’s me, Mia!

In 2018 I was teaching fifth grade, secretly daydreaming of being a wedding planner, & expecting my first child. So, I stepped out of the classroom & into my passion for weddings–invigorated by the joy, beauty, & love of one of life’s biggest milestones. Being part of the Charlottesville wedding community has allowed me to build collaborative relationships with top industry professionals throughout our beautiful state. I absolutely love heading into a wedding day with a thoughtfully curated team of vendors that suit my couple’s style, aesthetic, & investment. As a wedding planner & designer, I seek to cultivate relationships with my clients that allow me to insightfully create a wedding day that speaks to each couple’s core values, priorities, & vision. I believe wedding planning doesn’t have to be stressful, but rather a creative & collaborative process that should feel joyful & easy. So, let’s create the intentional details together that make your day uniquely yours!

I live happily ever after on a sweet little homestead with my gorgeous husband, two beautiful daughters, six chickens, and two rescue pups. I love a good book, game nights, & cooking adventurous meals at home. When I’m not planning weddings, I can be found homeschooling, gardening, hiking, or baking!


~ Mia

Meet Our Team


Arushi lives in the Shenandoah Valley with her husband, and is ethnically Indian, from Dubai, UAE. When she is not wedding coordinating she enjoys spending time writing travel-related articles, helping companies with their social media growth, and creating handmade macrame products for home decor and/or functional uses. Arushi has a deep passion for creating spaces that bring people together, which is what attracted her to weddings. With two years of experience combined in the food and recruiting industry, and being a writer whose writing style is mostly romantic, supporting you on your important day and manifesting your dream wedding is of utmost importance to her.


Sarah moved to Charlottesville in 2020 knowing this community was a destination for weddings. She works in the hospitality industry and seeing people smile is one of her favorite parts of the job! Sarah is originally from Pittsburgh, but loves the green mountains and open roads of Central Virginia. She gets to see so many beautiful places where people choose to celebrate their weddings. Sarah’s goal is to help take the stress away from our couples and help them have the most magical day ever.


Ashlynn met Mia when she was a bridesmaid in a wedding that Little Acorn Events managed, and was fascinated by the work that goes into wedding coordination. Ashlynn has worked in event planning previously, and not only does she love weddings and celebrating love, but she was also drawn in by the extreme organization and attention to detail that it takes to make special days run smoothly. Ashlynn graduated from James Madison University with a master degree in Communication and Advocacy, focusing on Environmental Communication. She views life as an adventure and loves stepping out of her comfort zone to try new things (especially if it involves travel or being outdoors)! If Ashlynn is working with you on your day, she promises to do all she can to make everything as stress-free as possible and ensure that you are calm, happy, and enjoying each moment. 


Mary also met Mia at a wedding! Her best friend’s wedding, where Mia was the coordinator. Mary quickly fell in love with the organized chaos and beauty of the wedding day. Mary loves being a part of everyone’s individual traditions and helping to curate memories and moments for each special family/ couple. Before jumping into Little Acorn Events, Mary was coaching gymnastics full-time and transitioning back into barista-ing, all while running her own blog. Mary has always worn many hats, but these three roles truly helped her to find her passion in cultivating connections, learning and building communities. In the few moments Mary can put these hats down, you can find her at home in RVA sipping drinks with her husband, walking her rescue pup, Winifred, or finding yet another project for her to get her hands moving.


Lydia’s favorite part of every wedding is open dancing. It’s so fun to see everyone celebrating together and bustin down on the floor!  Lydia also works as a docent in a house museum in Washington D.C. that doubles as an event venue. Seeing events from the venue’s perspective helps Lydia help you to ask the right questions that will get you the most out of your venue. Lydia loves the arts and has an eye for design. She is passionate about helping curate a beautiful wedding day!