Newly engaged? Congratulations! There’s a lot to think about, so let’s take it one step at a time. Here are the five things you should do first…

1. Go On A Date

Go on a date, pop some bubbly & just dream together. What does your perfect wedding day look like? What is the scenery? What’s the food like? Is there live music? Who’s there? What do you feel on your perfect wedding day?

2. Set a Budget & Your Priorities

Set a budget & your priorities. This gets so real so quick. These conversations now will set you up for success. Set a  realistic budget & determine who will contribute. Talk about your priorities for your investments. It is always a good idea to be upfront with your family regarding any expectations for financial contributions. Every wedding is different & every budget is different. Think through your priorities for your investments (yes, your wedding day is a whole investment in core memories), but that doesn’t mean your budget has to be astronomical. Think about the things that matter most, & put your money where your heart is. 

Let’s dream for a minute…Fast forward five years & look back on your day. What will you have enjoyed most? The super delicious, top notch food? The wedding video that you have because five years ago you decided to invest in a videographer? Or, maybe you love the idea of a more casual menu? Or, maybe you’ll never watch that wedding video, because that’s just not you? There is no right or wrong answer, only the answers that make your hearts happy! If something feels worth it to you, then it is! If it doesn’t, then it’s not, & you shouldn’t do things just because you think you’re supposed to. 

So, really think through those questions & answers for yourselves & your future selves to help you understand what you should prioritize as you begin to allocate spending.

3. Draft a Guest List

Begin to draft your guest list for rough numbers, & think of this number as a turn dial on your budget. Maybe an extravagant, intimate, microwedding is for you. Maybe you want ALL the people there, & this may mean your $ doesn’t stretch as far, but your heart will be happy. Your guest list affects All. The. Things. How many people are there changes what type of venue will best suit your needs, how many tables & chairs, how many floral arrangements, how much food & drink is consumed…It is a literal turn dial on your budget. And again, think about your guest list through the lens of what matters most to you & what will bring you joy on your special day. Perhaps, this means inviting everyone you know & have ever known & everyone your parents know & have ever known…Or, maybe for you this means just your families & your closest friends. Either way, this number affects your financial investments in many of your wedding budget categories.

4. Hire a Planner or Coordinator

Hire a planner to help you with all the details, big & small. We obviously can’t stress this one enough. Your engagement should feel fun & joyful, not stressful. A planner guides you throughout the planning process & can help you make the decisions that are best for you & your partner. Our industry insight, vendor relationships, & guidance keep you on the right track while ensuring that you have fun planning your wedding & enjoy the process!

5. Start Booking!

Book your venue & your date, then jump on those vendors that book up fastest. This is your photographer (they only take 1 wedding per date!), hair & makeup (seriously, these artists book up so fast!), DJ/band (also only 1 wedding per date!), floral designer (most only take 1-3 weddings per date), & catering (most companies take several weddings, but still book up quickly). We already know you’ve been all over Instagram & Pinterest since getting engaged, so if you’ve done some scoping & you have someone that you’re excited about, reach out right away! 

Ready to get started, but not sure where to begin? We offer a free consultation call; send us a message to inquire!